Safety at Sea and Survival Course

Safety at Sea and Survival (SSSC) is a nationally accredited course which started after the tragic 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. It’s a mandatory qualification for offshore racing, but the uptake from cruising sailors has been immense. It doesn’t matter what form of sailing you do, the rules and problems are the same.

We split the course into three sessions. The first is all about preparation. Knowing more about the safety equipment, checking it and being familiar on how to use it. We cover crew training such has people overboard recoveries, passage planning and weather. The second session covers topics around heavy weather sailing. We discuss sail selection, fatigue management, boat preparation and steering techniques. The final session covers what to do if things go wrong. We practice using flares, go to the pool and inflate a liferaft. You’ll get to sit inside a liferaft and feel what it’s like! We cover helicopter rescue and jury rigging, just in case you’ve broken the mast or the rudder or have to abandon. This sounds rather grim but the knowledge gained will help you manage or avoid bad situations.

This course is taught by Jeff Cordell, who has had a lifetime at sea working in marine science and participating in offshore racing, including skippering his own boat in the 1998 Sydney to Hobart and one of the most experienced instructors in Australia.

You’ll receive SSSC accreditation which is valid for 5 years. We also run course for reaccreditation for existing SSSC holders.

Do you want to learn how to sail but don’t know how to start? Do you look out on the river and wonder how do you get to be crewing in a twilight race?

sailBYC is a nationally accredited training “Discover Sailing” centre which offers a range of courses.

Our training boat “sailBYC” is an old racing boat which has an open cockpit which allows plenty of space between the students so that they can learn the specifics of the course in comfort. The boat is large enough that you don’t need to get wet, but equally, by changing sails we can make the boat exciting to sail. We have plans to expand our offerings from entry level to advanced.

Start Crewing assumes no previous knowledge or experience. By attending this course, we’ll teach you the basic nautical terminology, how to set up the boat and how to begin sailing it. You’ll learn the basic knots, learn how to hoist sails and how to trim them. By the end of the course you’ll have the basics to begin sailing and we’ll strive to introduce you to owners who are looking for crew and highly value this accreditation. This is the entry level pathway that can progress you to acquire the skills needed that would help you skipper your own boat.

Start crewing is suitable for all ages from youth to seniors and we guarantee that you will have a lot of fun. We’re happy to take individuals, families, or groups who would like to give sailing a go. Our instructors are highly experienced, and we’ll ensure that you’ll be learning in a safe environment.

The course includes 6 months membership of the Bellerive Yacht Club and you’ll receive a completion certificate. You wil also receive a course handbook and a logbook.

You’ll need a warm jacket and soft soled shoes. We encourage you to purchase a pair of sailing gloves, but we have plenty on board and a few spare jackets if you don’t.