All BYC Members and Associated Sailing Clubs are welcome to join the BYC Cruise Team on one of our cruises in company. Any information we may provide is only a reference. Regardless of any information supplied by the BYC Cruise Team or its members, the skipper is solely responsible for their boat at all times. (This would include such basics as your own weather routing, alternative anchorages and appropriate safety checks and gear for the level of cruise you are on, etc) By registering you accept that the decision to participate is your responsibility as the boat’s skipper. When registering to cruise in company, we will contact you on the mobile number you have provided or by email prior to the start of the cruise. Radio calls may be used to keep in contact whilst on the cruise if out of mobile range. This would be at a notified time (Ch 16 move to working Channel 77 72 or 73 at callers discretion) We ask that if you as the skipper of your yacht decide to cancel or withdraw during a cruise that you please communicate this with the BYC Cruise team leader at the time. AT ALL TIMES SKIPPERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CREW AND YACHTS SAFETY