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Welcome to the BYC Cruising Page. These pages contains information about the club’s cruising activities and publications, including forthcoming cruises and accounts of past cruises.


Dear BYC Members

This summer we are changing tack slightly and seeking registrations from any BYC members interested in coming on one or more of the cruises below. Closer to the time of the cruise, we will provide more details via the email you provide.

We really want to run all of these cruises, so we aim to schedule them when there is a suitable weather window.

This summer, we are offering four (4) longer great and varied cruises, the BYC Cruise team invite all members to consider joining us for one or more cruises.

1. Circumnavigation of Bruny Island - 15-18 November. Cruise in company, as we explore spots around Bruny Island, hopefully some you have not visited before.

2. Storm Bay / Cloudy Bay Cruise. - 13-17 December. Cruise in company, as we visit some of the classic anchorages and some less known ones around Storm Bay. Storm Bay is a great sailing place, so look forward to some great sails in this cruise.

3. The Dave Hansen Memorial Cruise to Taranna, and visit our hosts the Taranna Boat Club with race -17-19 January 2020. Last year the Dave Hansen Memorial Cruise was extremely popular. I'm hoping more BYC members register and come along for this great weekend or longer. The Taranna Boat Club will be welcoming us again to their ever improving club rooms for drinks and a BBQ. We all look forward to seeing you on this annual cruise. Bear Koppleman reports he has planned more fun, more prizes (thanks to Doyles) and of course the smallest fun race in the world. We encourage and put a call out to all our “ BYC racers” to venture out of the Derwent and join us in a BYC sail to Norfolk Bay.

4. Weekend Channel Cruise and combined RYCT / BYC Pear Tree BBQ - Join the Cruise Tea, for an evening sail to the comfort of Barnes Bay and then Great Bay followed by a combined club BBQ at Pear Tree on Sunday 24th May 2020.

5. Flinders and Victoria Extended Cruise- mid February after the BYC Crown Series.*
This cruise requires skippers to attend a pre cruise briefing meeting and to have certain safety features for traversing the far North East Coast of Tasmania, Flinders Island and through to Victoria. Members can join us for some or all of this cruise. This is a long cruise 5-6 weeks in total. (NB: AIS and crew will be a requirement for all boats intending to go further than Schouten Passage)

We will also be running a few family friendly, over night cruises, as well watch the news letter for more on these.

The “Cruising at BYC” page is up and running thanks to Amanda and our BYC office teams wonderful work.
We have also added some useful cruise links under the Sailing page, these include useful links to weather and mooring information in and around Tasmania.

All skippers note;

All BYC Members and Associated Sailing Clubs are welcome to join the BYC Cruise Team on one or more of our cruises in company. Any information we may provide is only a reference.

Regardless of any information supplied by the BYC Cruise Team or its members, the skipper is solely responsible for their boat at all times. (This would include such basics as your own weather routing, alternative anchorages and appropriate safety checks and gear for the level of cruise you are on, etc)

By registering, you accept that the decision to participate is your responsibility as the boat’s skipper. When registering to cruise in company, we will contact you on the mobile number you have provided or by email prior to the start of the cruise. Radio calls may be used to keep in contact whilst on the cruise if out of mobile range.

This would be at a notified time (Ch 16 move to working Channel 77, 72 or 73 at callers discretion) We ask that, if you as the skipper of your yacht, decide to cancel or withdraw during a cruise that you please communicate this with the BYC Cruise team leader at the time.


Looking at joining our BYC Cruises?
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PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member of BYC or a reciprocal club to join our cruises