Diesel Boat Maintenance

How many times have you looked at your diesel engine and wondered what you would do if it stopped working? In fact, have you ever wondered what all the different pipes and engine attachments are and what they do?

This course will teach you diesel basics; how to identify different systems and parts of the engine; how to identify and fix common problems and do basic maintenance tasks.

You'll learn how to change filters, bleed a fuel system and how to resolve common overheating problems. The course will not make you a diesel mechanic, but you will be able to fix common problems or at least identify what is wrong so you can seek appropriate solutions. The course is very much hands on. You will be changing fuel and oil filters and bleeding a fuel system from scratch on a boat in the BYC marina. By the end of the course, you'll know how to tackle these tasks, the tools you'll need and the spares required to do so.

Our instructor, Barry Bruce (Baz) is a commercial skipper holding Master V and Marine Engine Driver III certificates. He has spent four decades on various research and commercial vessels as part of careers in marine science and the commercial charter industry, as well as being an active local sailor, racing and cruising on his own and others’ yachts.

The course includes an evening two-hour theory session and a four-hour practical session on a weekend.

Course cost is $180.00 and BYC members get a 10% discount - remember to use discount code "BYC" when booking if you are a member.