Understanding Weather Course

Understanding weather is definitely a science. Although we rely heavily on publicly available forecasts we are affected heavily by local conditions. Understanding when the weather will change and by how much depends on your own observations and can have a serious impact on your safety.

This course teaches you what to look for, where you can source information and how to work out with confidence what the likely scenarios are. The barometer is a very good indicator on how reliable your forecast will be and understanding what it’s indicating will help you avoid a difficult situation.

Kenn Batt is one of Australia’s most experienced meteorologists. He’s assisted America Cups campaigns, hundreds of Sydney to Hobart boats and taught thousands of people understand weather, from entry to advanced level. It won’t take you long to witness how passionate Kenn is about weather. Its rumoured he sleeps with a weather map under his pillow. Kenn will provide the fundamentals on understanding weather.

The course provides essential information which will assist you in making decisions on when and where you use your boat.

The course includes a handbook and cost is $150 with a 10% discount for existing BYC members (use discount code "BYC" when booking).