sailBYC are offering the following
Training Courses

“Racing Rules of Sailing”

Port or Starboard, Overlap, Buoy room and the zone are all terms we use on the water. There's often confusion about your rights and when you acquire them. We decided to have a rules seminar which should serve as a refresher before we start the season.

You don't always get the opportunity to pick the brains of an International judge, but Murray Jones will be available at BYC to go through a few scenarios will help us all understand the Racing Rules of Sailing.
Everyone is welcome, bring your crew!
Don’t forget to support your club by turning up early and having a meal if you can. Food available from 5.30pm

Location: Marina Bar
Cost: NIL
Date: Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Time:  7pm

Safety Survival at Sea

sailBYC are conducting an Australian Sailing Safety at Sea and Survival Course. This will be run by Jeff Cordell, who competed in the 1998 Sydney to Hobart race and has been teaching this course since 1999.
This is a prerequisite for Cat. 1 races like the Sydney to Hobart, but it’s equally pitched at cruising sailors.

Thursday Oct 24th - you will learn how to prepare for a voyage. How to check your equipment, things you should consider like crew training, and working out how to get the best out of your crew.
Thursday 31st October - you will learn how to deal with heavy weather sailing. How do you set up your boat? What preparations can you make when you’re in or about to be in a storm? Learn about basic weather forecasting, reefing, storm jibs and tri-sails. Most importantly we offer suggestions on what to do if you have a crew member go overboard.

Sunday 3rd November - is an all-day event. It’s the best bit! You get to inflate a Life Raft and learn how to right it should it flip. We fire off flares, so if you really have to do this, you will know what to do. We also cover jury rigs. How you might be able to rig a temporary rudder, or, fix stuff. We also go through emergency communications and what to expect if you are being rescued by a helicopter.

Location: Marina Bar
Full Course Cost: $320
Re-validation Cost: $270

Telephone: 03 6244 1353