Want to know what to do if the engine won’t start? There’s an old saying there only two things you can do with a diesel. Bleed the fuel system or chuck it out!!. This course will teach you the basics. We start with a 2 hr session on the basics and then participate in a 4 hour practical session. By the end of this course you’ll learn how to detect a fuel system problem and fix it. We’ll be getting out the spanners and change a fuel filter and ‘bleed’ the air out of the fuel system. We’ll check the oil levels, check belts and learn a bit about the cooling system. You’ll learn how to look for tell-tale signs that inform you of potential problems before they arise. This is a ‘must do’ if you own a boat and very valuable knowledge to have as a crew.

Our instructor is a commercial maritime trainer who has adapted his courses to cater for recreational sailors who have no prior experience. It won’t make you a diesel mechanic overnight, but you’ll have a good chance of fixing common engine faults.