We’ve customised this course to give you the basics on how to use charts, plot positions, and help you navigate to your destination. We place a high emphasis on helping you understand what the unseen hazards are. You’ll learn how to identify a lighthouse, understand depth contours, how to recognise a cardinal mark and what side you should pass it. Electronic charts have some limitations and we will explain what they are. We’ll teach you how to understand chart datums and how to calculate what the depth will be when considering tides. Very handy when you want to go through the Dunalley canal!!. This will be the building block for the coastal navigation course which we plan to run later this year.

This an in-house course designed by local charter skipper and former marine scientist Barry Bruce. Barry has spent a lot of time on the water delivering boats, racing on them and as a charter skipper taking clients for sightseeing experiences and team building exercises through Australia. The sessions are very much hands and have a high practical content.